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SOLDIER, First Class

Once A General, Always A Bastard.

Sephiroth, The Eyes of GeneCo
Name Sephiroth
Fandom Final Fantasy VII
Age 25
Gender Male
Appearance Sephiroth is, in a word, unmistakable. Possibly due to all the genetic experimentation he underwent in utero, his coloring is naturally unnatural - he has silver hair (and not simply a variant of grey, but a true silver color) that he certainly didn't get from his parents, and eyes of such an intense green that they almost glow. In a world of cosmetic alterations, neither of these things are exceptionally notable by themselves beyond the fact that he was actually born with them.

His clothing is similarly unique; due to the grisly nature of his work, Sephiroth prefers to wear water(or at least fluid)-resistant leather, from his boots and gloves to his pants to his custom-made coat, which allows for his wings. (Rather than wear shirts that would simply be ruined after a single repossession, he opts not to wear them at all.) The large raven-black wings are another easily recognizable feature, evidence of the only surgery Sephiroth has ever undergone.

Build-wise, Sephiroth is tall and slim, but compact; he's far stronger and faster than his relatively average frame suggests. In fact, he seems like a physically perfect specimen in almost every way...again, not unusual in a day and age where cosmetic surgery is capable of removing almost any flaw, save for the fact that it comes naturally to him.

Personality Sephiroth tends to be rather aloof and detached towards most people. Thanks to his isolated upbringing and unique nature, he has difficulty relating to or empathizing with other people; it's not that he doesn't want to, necessarily, so much as the vast differences between himself and everyone else have created a nearly unbridgeable gap. He finds most other people baffling, bordering on incomprehensible, and while he's more than smart enough to work out the logic of most situations he tends to miss the emotional reasoning that would explain a great deal to human nature to him, if he could only make heads or tails of it.

Thanks to his superior genetics and untouchable position, Sephiroth has gotten into the habit of casual arrogance without even being consciously aware of it; knowing that he was more or less genetically constructed to be stronger, faster, more intelligent, and with 100% less organ failure than literally the rest of his species, it's difficult (and, truthfully, not illogical) for him to take for granted that he's more competent and capable than those around him, and to react to situations accordingly. The fact that he has high, if not entirely enviable, public standing can also lead to his assuming command without thinking, both because of his intellect and because he has less to fear in the way of repercussions than almost anyone else. But aside from these flaws - which can easily lead him to get on people's nerves - he's well-spoken and surprisingly polite. (He does have a rather dry, snarky sense of humor when he's comfortable enough with someone to joke with them, however, although such people are rare.)

Sephiroth has a strong sense of duty; entirely aside from personal integrity, which he has a surprising amount of, he was brought up in a world of structure. It's really all he knows, and he relies upon it for support even if he doesn't necessarily like it. While he's not fond of his job, and would likely prefer that his services were never required, the idea of not doing them is such a foreign and, frankly, alarming one that such a suggestion would rather unsettle him if anyone made it to him. He's not above circumventing or creatively reinterpreting orders if he feels there's a good reason for him to do so(if, for instance, he thinks the orders were flawed to begin with), but he knows his job and performs it to the best of his ability at all times.

Sephiroth's isolated childhood and too-clinical upbringing have developed him to have a surprisingly low level of self-worth. He's proud of and confident in his abilities, but feels that he, personally, is expendable - or, rather, he feels that his duty comes before his own well-being. And, while he has very few friends, Sephiroth values those rare few so highly that he would place them even before his duty, should they ever conflict, which means he'd put something as comparatively low on the scale as his own life on the line for them without hesitation. He's not a friendly, cuddly Repo Man by any standards, but those who actually get to know him generally find him to be less sadistic and more normal (to a given value of 'normal') than his job or reputation would lead people to believe.

Background Sephiroth's life has been, if it has been anything, singular in purpose from the day he was born. He was born as an experiment of Gene Co. - specifically one of their premier scientists, (and, incidentally, Sephiroth's own father) Professor Hojo - and the company almost literally owns him, although this is not a claim they've ever actually made aloud. Nonetheless, Gene Co. has dictated the course of his life almost from day one. He more or less grew up in a laboratory, his (exceptional) development closely monitored by the company's scientists, Hojo in particular. (It's no coincidence Sephiroth has never particularly liked Hojo.) When he was considered physically and mentally capable of putting his skills to use for the company - in his early teens - he was introduced to the world beyond the laboratory, in particular the GenCops. Sephiroth's unusually advanced intellect, physical prowess, singular dedication, and the singular benefit of never needing sick time or time off for life-saving or cosmetic surgeries resulted in a meteoric rise through the ranks, resulting in his achieving the highest rank possible in the GenCops before he was even twenty and earning him more than a little animosity among many of his less fortunate coworkers.

Undoubtedly due to the potential he had displayed in the GenCops, Gene Co. opted to once again use Sephiroth as an experiment - this one less scientific and more political. At twenty, he become a Repo Man...the first, and only, publicly known and acknowledged as such. Sephiroth is held up as representative of the Repo Men - dutiful, capable, unrelenting and immensely dangerous - and as such, public perception of him runs the spectrum from awe to outright terror. He's possessed of enough notoriety that it's not unheard of for mothers to warn their children that he'll come for them if they don't behave. While he's almost universally recognized, this can hardly be mistaken for popularity. Nonetheless, his abilities and accomplishments border on the legendary, and those with nothing to fear from him - usually Gene Co. employees - may find him admirable, or at least as a standard to strive for.

Having been raised in only two environments in his life, a laboratory and a corporate law enforcement organization, Sephiroth's personality has a somewhat narrow scope. His years with only incidental social interaction in the laboratories have resulted in his near-inability to connect meaningfully with people; he lacks a number of fundamental social skills, and the vast dichotomy between the lives of normal people and the life Sephiroth has become accustomed to over the years means that he has very few points of commonality on which to connect with others(for instance, asking what sort of TV shows Sephiroth watched as a child will result in a blank stare). Entirely aside from this making socialization difficult, it only enhances the feeling that Sephiroth is something other and alien that his unusual appearance gives.

His time in the GenCops has served him somewhat better; having come into a position of responsibility at an early age, Sephiroth quickly developed a businesslike and direct approach to most things. Further, the camaraderie between men in the force, and his being accountable for their safety, introduced Sephiroth to the concept of loyalty; while he may not have been terribly close to any of his men as individuals, the well-being of those around him (particularly those weaker and less capable than him, which tends to account for most people) has always been a high priority for him. Further, while Sephiroth never socialized much with the men, he did listen, and over the years has picked up quite a bit of common sense and political savvy, as well as a wry and occasionally dirty sense of humor(though this tends to come out rarely, as his businesslike attitude generally takes precedence).

Genetics & alterations Sephiroth's genetics are, in a word, perfect. He was engineered, prior to birth, to be that way, and as such has none of the health issues that others simply consider a fact of life. People consider him almost unnatural as a result.

He's only had surgery once in his life, when he was a teenager; Hojo had large black-feathered wings grafted onto his back, as much to see how they would grow with Sephiroth's own development as for any practical use. During the recovery, Sephiroth was given no Zydrate at all; Hojo knew its addictive properties perfectly well and had no interest in introducing his pet experiment to it. He was given more outdated and less potent painkillers in its stead, and as such has never actually touched Zydrate(and, since his position means he's perfectly aware of where it comes from, he's not exactly tempted to try it).

Sephiroth's wings, as it turned out, grew with him, and have remained proportionate to his body ever since the grafting. They're fully functional, rather visible, and give him a degree of added mobility when chasing down targets.