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SOLDIER, First Class
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
1:43 pm
Fuck it.

Jack, Integra, Maes, Roy - I'm not going out tonight. We can reschedule for another night or you can go without me.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, January 20th, 2006
7:25 pm
Buddy System
Zack, Riku, you two will be announcing these pairings tomorrow. I did what I could to pair soldiers with those they'd be likely to get along with, those within their own ranks, or, in Sora's and Cloud's cases, with those they're going to be working with closely anyway.

Obviously, soldiers will not be expected to ALWAYS be with their buddy, and if they can find other companions they are free to do so, but no soldier is to travel alone outside the base for awhile - at least not until we see whether this new system will do any good. If travel outside the base is necessary, I expect soldiers to travel with their partners unless they are both able to find a replacement.

I've made a general announcement already, but these are the people whom I still need you to track down and inform(and your own partners, of course):

Zack - Riku
Sora - Cloud Strife
Roy Mustang - Integra Hellsing (I don't envy you this announc
Edward Elric - Kefka
Maes Hughes - Laguna Loire

I will not be partnering with anyone.

EDIT: I put the paperwork on Roy's desk for this, but you may want to inform his staff personally considering how slow he'll be to getting to it himself...

Riza Hawkeye - Jean Havoc
Vato Falman - Kain Fuery
Heymans Breda - Sheska (how the hell do you spel
Maria Ross - Denny Bloch
Alex Louis Armstrong - Frank Archer

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
7:02 pm
PRIVATECollapse )

Jack, if you're reading this, or if someone is reading this who will report it to you which would not surprise me at all, would you be interested in going out for a drink tonight? I damned well need one and it's been awhile. I won't be finished until late, however.

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, December 11th, 2005
6:31 am
Went out drinking with Zack and Riku last night. As usual, had to all but drag them home; apparently the ability to moderate one's drinking comes with age as opposed to experience. Got knocked over by them at one point; hair and clothes a mess, had to shower and send my stuff off to be dry-cleaned. Tempted to take the bill out of their pay, but they bitch enough about the sizes of their paychecks as is - not worth it. Stuck with the standard-issue uniform today, though.

Going to check in on them both eventually, but not before 1300 hours at least. Doubt they'll be presentable even then. (Yes, I know you're both reading this and it doesn't make it any less true.)


Colonel Mustang - paperwork?
Library research - monsters, signs of presence? Missing soldiers? Return books
Discuss upping contributions to widows' and families' fund w/ First Class (running low)
Compile summary report of MIA Gainsborough, Matthews
Report to King Ansem
Tip barkeep/send Riku and Zack to sand diagrams off his table (one of the two)


Current Mood: awake
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